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Street Stone by Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani

The human form may be a work of art, brought to exquisitely rendered life through the medium of marble, bronze, and other easily malleable ores, but damned if they don’t look stylish sporting the latest in contemporary fashions. With the original concept photos shot by Leo and ‘shoppin applied by Alexis, they’ve updated several classical sculptures into hip new models, ready to strut on the Parthenon. Ah yeah Zeus, workit… the camera loves you baby, come on give it to me.

Leo: Website / Alexis: Behance (via: If It’s Hip It’s Here)


This actually brought tears to my eyes. This should be shown to all those ignorant people that believe once you get tattoos and piercings you lose your hearts and humanity and instantly become some sort of devil worshiper, the amount of peoples parents I’d love to play this to wow. This is the most precious thing ever!

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Baby Elephant takes a bath x

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Anton Marrast

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